Is your company or organization interested in sponsoring me? Send me a message on my Contact Me page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you!


April 1 – Paliroots, San Diego, CA. Paliroots is a Palestinian-American clothing brand that promotes the values of unity, impartiality, optimism, hospitality and fun. They sent me their Tan Basic Long Sleeve that I showed off on my Instagram. Thank you Paliroots for sponsoring me and many other Palestinians around the world living their best life and making a positive difference!


June 2 – PACES Charity, UK, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon. The Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sports (PACES) is a UK-based charitable organization that works with Palestinian refugee communities in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon to host after-school sports programs to Palestinian youth. As an athlete myself, I understand how important sports education is for growing minds, and I’m proud to represent PACES Charity and be a role model for our future!


June 23 – Saleh Khalaf Co. Spices and Natural Products, Ramallah, Palestine. Saleh Khalaf is a natural foods company based in Ramallah who provided me drink powders, ancient grains and renown Palestinian dates that I promoted on my Instagram. Organic, non-GMO nutrition is essential for me to have the consistent energy to train and recover – thank you Saleh Khalaf for your (tasty) sponsorship!

May 14 – Alfar Group, Ramallah, Palestine. Alfar Group is an Adidas shoe company based in Ramallah who sponsored me during my training periods in Palestine by providing me running shoes and apparel. It’s so challenging finding a proper pair of running shoes with my foot size, and I thank Alfar Group for helping me become professionally fitted to train and win.


July 13, June 24 – New Arab Media – NA3M. NA3M is an award-winning media company producing and distributing Arab-inspired content through social innovation, creative training academies and live events, NA3M’s multi-faceted platform collaboratively engages its audience from—Arab youth to key influencers across edutainment. Thank you NA3M for sponsoring me for the 2016 Rio Olympics and promoting my journey to your global following!

January 16 – The Source MMA, Ramallah, Palestine.

January 9 – Jasmine Cafe, Ramallah, Palestine.

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